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Decorate Your Walls With A Variety Of Art 

Decorate Your Walls With A Variety Of Art 

When you think about wall art, the first thing that comes to mind is probably anything related to beautiful paintings. However, reality differs from what we imagine at times; there are several types of modern art wall painting. People have used various methods to demonstrate their enthusiasm for art since the dawn of time. One such approach is through the paintings they place on their walls to liven up their homes. 

How to decorate your walls with a variety of art with the three most common types of art?

Paintings in Oil 

Oil Paintings are the most common sort of wall art that you may come across. Simply described, oil paintings are works of art on canvas that use pigments made up of various types of oils. Linseed oil, poppy seed oil, walnut oil, and safflower oil are some of the most regularly used drying oils on canvas. 

Decorate Your Walls With A Variety Of Wall Art

Oil paintings have been discovered since the fifth century, but it wasn’t until the Middle Ages that they reached new heights of popularity in the western world. 

To make a great piece of canvas art, the painter typically employs a variety of drying oils to brilliantly reflect the magic of many hues and outcomes on the canvas. The use of several types of oil creates unique effects on the picture. For example, suppose the painter utilized linseed oil when painting to achieve various effects on the canvas after it has dried. Similarly, artists frequently appropriately blend oil with resin to give the painting a glossier appearance. 

Painting using a paintbrush is the most popular method used by oil painters. Some painters, on the other hand, utilize rags or sponges to apply paint. Paintings in oil are usually done on canvas. These are linen cloths that have been equally spread across a frame to create a flat surface for the painter to work on. Cotton cloth has been more popular among painters in recent years due to its lower cost. 


Prints on Canvas 

Canvas Prints are the second sort of wall art you’ll come across. With the advancement of photography and printing in the 1990s, canvas prints became extremely popular. Canvas Prints are basic paintings that are printed on a canvas surface. After the print is completed on the canvas, it is framed and then used to decorate your home walls. Canvas prints are created using large-format printers that can print on big rolls of canvas. As a result, the most typical canvas width is 1.5 metres, while the length of the canvas is entirely dependent on the size of the painting. 

Photos on Canvas 

The Canvas Photo is the third most frequent style of wall art. Canvas photographs have grown in popularity among canvas painting lovers and admirers over the last 20 years. This may have occurred as a result of the fact that people’s tastes and preferences have changed dramatically throughout time. They are on the lookout for more distinctive and flexible creative wall painting art to adorn their walls at home. In theory, a canvas photo is like a canvas print, which is a type of artwork. They’re both printed on big canvas rolls. The majority of canvas photos resemble photographs that have been printed onto the canvas. These photographs are then framed as well. 

Finally, we would like to state that beautiful simple wall paintings will never cease to amaze and inspire anyone. As a result, have a look through our online art collection at Royal Canvas Art and add one of your favorite types of artworks to your living room and decorate your walls with a variety of art.

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