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Innovative Wall Decor Ideas For Your Home

Innovative Wall Decor Ideas For Your Home

Looking for ways to decorate your walls to make your space feel more like you and give it a new look? Those empty walls are filled with endless possibilities. A few additions of canvas paintings or quirky artwork can amplify your walls and enliven your home.

Innovative Wall Decor Ideas For Your Home

Good artwork can really pull your room together, but searching for the right piece of art and finding the right place for it can be quite intimidating. But don’t be afraid! We’ll take care of you.

If you are ready to turn those stark and bare walls into stylish centrepieces, read on to explore some interesting wall decor ideas and tricks:

Hang a big piece of art

A single large-sized simple wall painting or an oversized wall artwork sets the tone of the space and grabs the attention of people as soon as someone enters the room. However, to make it impactful, you need to be extra careful—make sure you take the measurements of both the painting and the wall it will be hanging from beforehand.

The large painting can be hung above a carefully chosen piece of furniture, a console, or a fireplace. But if you want the piece to stand out more, let it stand alone. If you put too much in the room, the piece will get lost.

Innovative Wall Decor Ideas For Your Home

If you don’t have much money and can’t afford to buy a large piece of art, try making something yourself. You can blow up a black-and-white photo you took and hang it in a simple room, or you can add colour with a colourful abstract print.

Arrange A Gallery Wall

Large-scale pieces can be quite expensive. If you cannot make that type of investment now, go for creating a gallery wall of smaller paintings grouped together to take the place of one large-scale artwork.

Mix and match the different pieces of art you have to make sure they go with the colours and style of your room. You can even give the art you already own a new look by putting it in a different frame.

Don’t get stuck if you have paintings of different sizes and styles. You can build the entire wall as a unique work of art, where paintings are placed side by side in groups of different sizes.

If you have a lot of fine china or ceramic plates that you like to collect, you can use them to make beautiful wall art. You can hang your favourite dishes in different ways with the wire plate hangers. You can put them out in patterns, colours, or a fun mix for a bohemian look.

Try Family Portraits in Frames.

If you have a lot of pictures of your family and children, consider enlarging some of them and using them as wall hangings to make a large architectural statement. You can frame your photos and hang them on a grid or unevenly. However, make sure the images are connected by common elements and order the images. This common element is color, border color, or image size. Suppose you have a lot of photos with different sizes and frames. You can print them all in black and white and hang them in a frame of the same scale so that they don’t look like a crooked collection of random family photos. You can also create a cute asymmetrical view of your family photo by fixing the photo directly to the wall in the shape of a heart with a cool thumbtack.

Wall of Color Swatches

A craft room or a place for kids to play would be a great place for a colourful gallery wall. You can make dynamic wall art by printing large solid squares in the colours you want and framing them in a grid.

Add Vintage Posters.

If you have old posters in your treasure chest, you can use them to make striking wall art for your bedroom. If the room isn’t too busy, these pieces look great.

Use sculptural wall sconces.

When you put a sconce on a wall, it gives you more light without taking up space on the floor. Choose a stylish light fixture that fits in with the rest of your wall art and gives off a nice glow.

At the end of the day, it’s your home, so you get to choose how you want it to feel. Make sure you are surrounded by the things you love, whether you are an art collector, a nature lover, or a book lover. Focus on paintings and other works of art for room decor that make you happy. If you like how a simple black-and-white photo looks, go find some beautiful ones to hang on your walls. Or, if you want to create a fun and vibrant feel in your home, don’t shy away from picking out some colourful prints with an element of humour. It’s all about what you want, so trust yourself and choose your own adventure!

How many paintings should you have in a room?

Innovative Wall Decor Ideas For Your Home

You can hang as many pieces of wall art as you want in a room. The only thing you have to watch out for is that it doesn’t take up too much space and brings the whole room together. If you remember the following things, you can’t go wrong:

  • Room size: If you have a small apartment and you don’t have enough space, we recommend choosing a small collection of works of art.
  • The wall space available: If your home is minimalistic and you have a huge amount of wall space available, hanging one large or oversized canvas painting should be enough.
  • The Hallways: Most homes have a lot of empty wall space in these areas. Depending on how long your hallway is, you can make a small wall gallery or hang one large piece of art.

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