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Paintings of Tribal Art In Various Forms 

Paintings of Tribal Art In Various Forms 

Since time immemorial, many styles of Indian art paintings have never failed to enchant and surprise art enthusiasts and admirers. Whether it’s abstract, still life, pop, fantasy, folk, landscape, surreal, figurative, or tribal art, each style expresses its individuality in a unique way. 

What is tribal art? 

Tribal art is the name given to the indigenous art of various cultures around the world. This art is made by native people and it often celebrates their culture and heritage. Some examples of tribal art include beautiful simple wall paintings, sculptures, and carvings. Tribal art can be very colorful and intricate, and it’s often used to represent a specific tribe or culture. It can be found in a number of different places around the world, from art galleries to museums. 

Intriguingly, tribal art in India takes on odd forms using a variety of mediums, including ceramics, painting, metalwork, paper art, weaving, and the creation of jewellery and toys. These aren’t just works of art with artistic merit; they play an important role in the lives of people who are deeply rooted in their beliefs and traditions. 

Paintings of Tribal Art In Various Forms 

Sculpture, masks (made expressly for rites and ceremonies), paintings, fabrics, baskets, household goods, guns and weaponry, and much more are common examples of these objects. 

A creative wall painting art is a sporadic trait that has been discovered in tribal society. Since prehistoric times, India has practiced the habit of drawing intricate designs on walls and floors for festivals and religious ceremonies. Typically, when tribals repaint their homes, they make new designs utilizing fresh hues and colors such as red, black, white, and yellow. Vegetables are commonly used to create these hues. The wall painting is made with the primary purpose of beautifying the huts, which is why tribals pay little attention to the surface, texture, and substance used to paint. 

1. Tribal art is called “tribal” because it is meant to represent a certain tribe or culture 

2. In India, tribal art takes on odd forms that use a variety of mediums including ceramics, painting, metalwork, paper art, etc. 

3. Tribal art doesn’t just have artistic merit; it plays an important role in the lives of people who are deeply rooted in their beliefs and traditions. 

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The following are some examples of paintings of tribal art in various forms: 

Symbolic Shapes 

Symbol forms are frequently painted in a suggestive manner, implying a meaningful meaning. In their culture, each symbol has some significance. They’re painted on the inside of the walls. 

Forms of Humans 

Human forms are painted in a specific manner. They have a vertical line in the center, which represents the human body, and two semi-circles in a cross/triangle/square/rectangle. Legs are not given as much attention as hands, which are often lifted upwards or parallel to the ground. A large dot represents the head.



Forms of Animals and Birds 

Animals are typically shown with their head and tail at opposite ends of a horizontal line, and three or four legs (depending on the species of animal that is being created). Birds are usually depicted in either flying or sitting positions. 


Tribal art is a type of art that typically refers to the visual expressions of indigenous people around the world. These cultures are often characterized by their unique spiritual beliefs, which often translate into specific forms of artistic expression. Tribal art can be found in beautiful paintings, sculptures, textiles and more. While it may not be for everyone, tribal art is an interesting and unique way to explore cultures different from your own. 

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